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    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    Nice to see the page still alive :) got worried the other day when it was down!
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    Apexi Power FC

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    Winter is coming..

    All arches, sills, chassis etc painted (Everything bar the centre tunnel lol) And sealed, waxed and all freshly forged 5e. Ready for winter lol!!
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    random solenoid valve - what is it for?

    Its for the charcoal canister mate, I believe you can remove it. Mine has been cut out of the loom and tidied up
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    something interesting and concerning about the stock intercooler

    Is there anywhere that still sells these sensors?
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    Any one seen these before??

    I have these on my glanza, brilliant bits of kit and very rare as it seems!
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    Glanza Bonnet

    As above glanza bonnet in white if possible!
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    Oil advice and recommendations here

    Yes mate thats what i meant by too good lol, will it cause seal leaks etc with it being that good!? Engine isnt that high mileage, doesnt use a drop of oil and its always mega clean when checked...
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    Oil advice and recommendations here

    Whats your opinion on using 5w-40 Fully Synthetic on these engines over what Toyota recommend (5W-30 OR 10W40 Semi Synthetic) I have heard of a few people that its almost too good to use on an engine which is now a 20odd year old design, Is it an actual advantage of running this over a good...
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    Glanza Plug & Play ECU

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    Glanza Plug & Play ECU

    As above, any brand:O)
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    Glanza seats

    EVO seats arent too bad to fit. i fitted mine by cutting the feet off my standard rails, And where they were riveted i drilled out and lined them up to the EVO rails. Took alot of measuring and time but they bolted straight in, and all the alignment feet etc are bang one as well.
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    [Photo] Green starlets

    Green ftw:P :)
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    The nct in Ireland is a money making scam.

    ^^^Exactly, The car could be driven straight home and modified massively, have a massive crash and get a dodgy repair, etc etc. Daft idea
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    Detonator V - Boosted 4EFE

    Man this is beaut:P