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  • alright
    saw ur post on andyglanzav and was wondering if u sold him the 2 front shocks or do u still hav them:) if he dosnt take them i will man:) thanks
    Sorry to bother you John, I think I saw your Starlet at the Jap' car show in Larne last Spring and wondered if I saw it with silver, 5 spoke, 100+ alloys on...or if I'm thinking of a different car altogether! I'm a mate of Alan D's btw, I was with the wee black Eunos!
    hey mate sorry to bug ya, ive got an ep82 with the st165 brakes too but just wondering where you got your discs?
    hi , sorry to bother u i was told u have the torque specs for the pauter rods as i lost the paper with that info , any help would be great

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