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    oh excellent catch mate..a mack !!! looks like a lovely chilled out location too...where's the beer !!!
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    Which Rod Bearings are best?

    stock genuine Toyota bearings are best. i've just stripped my 5E for inspection after 2 race events/many tuning sessions at 500whp and the Toyota bearing were mint.
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    haha thanks boss!! haha...the youtube thing is just something i started for fun.
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    Hey if you guys get the chance..please check out/subscribe to my fishing YouTube channel i have tutorials etc on if you are new to fishing...y'all may find it useful. i am shit in front of the camera guys..i forget my words all the time and look very try to ignore that...
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    Holeeee sheeeet did someone say fishing!!! hahah that's all i do in my free time. been doing it since i was 6 years i've been fishing for 37 years yall know how old i am lol
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    Oldie member coming back

    welcome back..!!!
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    toy tuning liquidation

    okk blast from the past. like Dave...i also got lucky..he bought a couple of G's worth of parts off me on credit at the time..then he went under and he still actually paid me. dodged a bullet..that was the day i decided no credit sales
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    WEPR CT9

    thank you mate..appreciate the kind words. here's some more of our top mount set up for CT9 :D
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    WEPR CT9

    Some updated pictures..!!! As always comments welcome.. :) Sacha
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    4efte forged build guidance needed

    yes you could need to get it line bored. also buy direct from billet speed works...half the cost.
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    Covid 19

    Hey fam...hope everyone is keeping safe. Sri lanka went into full military curfew lock down since 20th March...we are due to be on lock till 20th April i think. no official date announced yes for end of curfew. i cant even work from home lol. trying to keep myself occupied best i can.
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    TypeMR Wilwood Big Brake kits - PS hi everyone been a long time.

    Hey Phil i've sent you an email. Have a look when you can mate. thanks!
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    Speedvision 270/280 cams

    hi haydn...yes we dont sell cams. i am not clue'd in about SV cam specs mate. never used them either. you an also try Tighe cams in Aus. they have one or two specs off the shelf and custom build any spec you want(billet cams). how ever you'd need to ring them as they are terrible with email...
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    2019 Annual Sale..25% OFF

    Time flies...only 20 days remaining...get your orders in :)