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  • Good day sir, im interested in your billet td04 , could you give me a price for the exhaust manifold and turbo itself? Thanks :) and i also heard that wepr has a lifetime warranty? :) thanks -rj from philippines
    sorry for the late reply guys. i hardly ever check my profile for comments. best would be to PM or email me on wickedep@yahoo.com. cheers..
    Hey Dude

    i was thinking i might heat wrap my kit before i fit it....does my warranty cover that?

    Cheers Ky
    hi sacha could you give me a price for the godzilla bottom mount manifold with a downpipe in stainless shipped to ireland thanks:cool:
    Hey, in a few months im going to purchase your tdo4 kit and wondering does the FMIC come with the silcone hoses to connect up ?

    Please reply to chrisrainey1@hotmail.com many thanks

    ****EDIT*** never seen that it does sorry
    Hy Mate

    Just a quick question. I've got a WEPR ct9 manifold, and i'm planning on heat wrapping it.
    Will the manifold stand this, and not rust out like a lot of people say on the internet?

    Hello buddy how much is it for one of your mild steel ct9 manifolds delivered to the uk in GBP and how soon could you get one over here :)


    Sacha, sent you pm regarding my turbo kit problems..

    Can you get back to me asap please.

    Hi mate howe is it?? im after a td04 mild steel manifold for my starlet!! but the thing is i need it pretty quick as my mot is just about to run out n its not gonna last much longer either so just wondering how long it would take to ship one over to england? im also after the cheapestoption to!! thanks mate. ollie
    Hi man i have one of your ct9 power up lits, but i need a new turbo to intercooler pipe to suit the rotated turbo. do you sell/fabricate these on their own? thanks man joel
    Just wondering if you are still doing the combo deal on the ram mani and downpipe and how do you purchase it from the site ?
    ive been looking at your TD04 kits and the 'NEW: WEPR TD04 Hybrid turbo kit with new manifold!!' has caught my eye.
    How much is the S/S manifold with the external wastegate port and does it come with the relocation pipe to the drivers side of the engine bay or do you have to buy that seperately?
    i need to put cash on my paypal account this will take 5 days, so if the other guys have the cash now tell me i will pass my turn
    hi sacha. I am about to put money into my friends account. How much exactly is 290d in gbp? When its in his account i will get him to sent you the amount through paypal. His name is alex guillum-scott and his adress is 7 green lane,collier street,tonbridge,tn12 9re
    hey sach! hope all's goin well! just wondered if you could contact me with info email. kawasaki_11_ninja@hotmail.com want to purchase a wepr ct9 power up kit plus fmic kit we agreed $750 cheers
    yow mon i am from jamaica,i love starlets witha passon i wana kick sum ass down here with one,saw u built sum cool stuff,think i need u r help,nit me bc
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