1. D

    Brake Upgrade to twin pot Carina GT calipers.

    Can we direct fit Carina GT AT212 Twin pot brake calipers to starlet GT? :confused: I know lot of people running the levin twin pot. I don't know the levin twin pots and the carina GT twin pots are same or not. :rolleyes: Thanks.
  2. dark_knight

    brake caliper eye candy

    here's one for you; if you had a black car with gun-metal gray rims, what caliper color would you go for..?
  3. wildchild

    Rear disc brake conversion

    Im looking for an EP82 or EP91 rear disc brake conversion for my drum setup. Need the discs, calipers, caliper holders, caliper brackets, and the bolts. Need them posted to Sri lanka :) Let me know. Thanks. Cheers!
  4. gtadvmike

    Celica st165 twinpots upgrade ... prius discs ?

    After plenty of research threw tgtt, uksc and google I decided to purchase a set of 165 twin pots as they were cheaper and suit my needs perfectly. So I purchased of trusty old ebay £28 for them inc. postage :rockon: They arrived and the research continued.... Now I know people have used the...
  5. E

    Glanza Front calipers,discs and pads.(Non Abs) & ep91 passenger half shaft.**urgent**

    Hi, I need a set of glanza front pads, discs and calipers to stick on my n/a. Need to get these sorted asap and cant travel so if theres anyone local to Galway with these parts i can meet any evening. Really hoping to get these as a whole to so not too interested in purchasing them all...