1. L

    WTB: EP82 GTT Quadlight

    Hello all! I'm looking to buy a gt turbo EP82 Quadlight at the moment and wondered if anyone was selling (or thinking about selling). I'm not fussed about the colour or anything like that, ideally want something clean/fairly clean that runs fine and would be a suitable daily. Even if you are...
  2. Ronald

    Cusco BMCS Brake Master Cilinder Stopper EP82 GTT

    For sale: Cusco BMCS Brake Master Cilinder Stopper for EP82 GTT Item Condition: Used, but good. Price and price conditions: €45.- or 35 GBP, please add 4% fee. Extra Info: Fits EP82 only. Pictures: Contact Details: Please send PM. Location: Holland. Delivery &...
  3. J

    Starlet GTT/Glanza replica

    Basically, im looking for a turbo replica, or a standard starlet that's been converted to turbo, i tryed getting insurance on a glanza and every insurance company told me to fuck off because of my age and conviction's :cops: . If anyone know's of any for sale drop me a PM ;)
  4. A

    irish newbie!

    well wats de stori! my names will, live in tipperary, ireland lookin to buy a GT turbo and joined up here for advice :)
  5. S

    95 gt turbo

    Hi there im after swapping my corsa and my peugeot 106 GTI for a starlet gt turbo The corsa started as a 1993 'L' reg corsa SRI now has a c20xe (redtop) lump init it's still registered as a 1.4 so tax and insuance is cheeper, the car is black with 15" cav slabbs in black, lowered on spax...