1. S

    EP82 4EFTE Wiring color Code

    Hi, I am looking for wiring color code for 4EFTE EP82 for the 26/16 plug ECU. Thank you in advance.
  2. D

    MSD Digital 6 Ignition Installation Help!!

    Hi Everyone, I am attempting to install an MSD Digital 6 Ignition system in a 1996 Glanza V EP91. I have contacted MSD Tech Support for a specific wiring diagram for this vehicle as all listed installations dont work. Unfortunately because the 4efte never went to the US they are unable to...
  3. M

    EP82 Wiring/Connector ID's. There is a PDF available!

    I've lost count the number of times that forum members (from this forum and elsewhere) have been asking for a wiring diagram for the EP82 and no-one has been able to provide much more than a link to a few ECU pinout diagrams (originated from StreetLegalStarlet forums) and some other minor info...
  4. dark_knight

    faulty horn?

    it's only recently that i noticed that when i rev my engine slightly (i'd presume around 2k revs since i'm not at the drivers' seat at the time) my horn seems to sound like it's trying to bleep - almost kinda like you are slightly touching the horn button but not fully pressing it in. i noticed...
  5. AzE_B

    Ep82 wiring for unichip

    I pulled my unichip out day so i made a note how to wire one in for you lot