£8 sat navs


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you might have to refresh and have a go a few times because they are so busy took me three attemps but now got my order confirmation so it will work just be patient

got to be worth a go for that much:p:p:p


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Just got this...


Thank you for participating in our latest 8 for 8 Pound offer which was run on www.orangeaccessories.co.uk last week.

We had overwhelming interest on the offers, which we did not expect and subsequently have now run out of stock and are unable to fulfil all orders.

We are really sorry but we have had to cancel your order.

Do not worry, we have not taken any money from you, your card issuer will have reserved some funds for us but
we are letting them know now that we won't be completing the order, you should see it showing as available funds very shortly.

We know it is not great news but we do run these promotional offers often so hopefully you will visit and shop with us again soon.

Please accept this 10% discount code : ******** : that can be used on www.orangeaccessories.co.uk as a good will gesture on our behalf.
This code is single use and unique to you and if you can not decide right now, it will work up until the 10th June 2010.

Please accept our sincere apologies and we hope you will come back soon.

Kind Regards
Orange Accessories
Bah! :shoot: