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javordy simpson

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Hey guys, so I just got a 5efhe engine and I’ve done all the necessary swaps from the 4e to the 5efhe block. I’m having one issue which is the flywheel.
I have a spare 4efte 212mm flywheel, but as we know the bolt patterns are not the same as the 5e.
Should I drill the holes in the 4efte flywheel to fit the 5e? And has anybody done this before?
i got a flywheel from a 3E which used the 4efte 212mm clutch set up, but had the 5E bolt pattern

there as direct fit flywheel;s you can by whihc have the combination i mentioned above

there are also uprated 5E clutches and pressure plates whihc come in 200mm that would be a direct fit for your current set up

now i mentioned all of those possibly safer alternatives above before i state this one---some locals (Barbados - as i see you are from the caribbean/jamaica) have redrilled/slotted the 4efte flywheel to match the 5E bolt pattern, so it has been done...however, i personally would not do it
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javordy simpson

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Much appreciated man! I’ve been doing some research on the clutch kits for the 5e, but I’ve been told the bigger clutch is better for the power. I mean does 12mm really have a major impact?

I heard about using the 3e flywheel, but that is like looking for gold in your backyard. The guys redrill the flywheels, but I’m just not comfortable with that. I’ve seen the competition flywheel for the 5e, however I’ll end up paying the price of two of them to get it shipped here.