auto 2 manual

as promised, here is a complete list of everything one would need to convert an automatic e982/ep91 to a manual, along with some approximate prices:
1) Gearbox - (ep82, ep91,)make sure the gearbox has on the back and side mount brackets as these are different from the auto to manual.$500 second hand....make sure the fork is moving freely(apply a little grease if necessary)
2) Flywheel and six (6) 4efte flywheel bolts - ep82/ep91 turbo (4efte), the standard 4efe flywheel is smaller. $200 second hand
3) clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing - should be new preferably, as it would save you time going into that area for a while - $550
4) clutch master, slave cylinders and fluid line, brake and clutch pedal, shifter and cables, and all supporting clamps, rubbers, clips. $500
5) clutch fluid $10
6) left side engine mount $60 (new). this will have to change, as the automatic one will not work without adjustment.

tricky areas:
- drilling the holes for the master cylinder and getting it lined up.....which ever car u buy the donor pedals from (ep82, ep91, tercel), get the master cylinder from same car
- there may be a need for a little fabrication on the clutch pedal depending on car it came from.
- may need an auto-electrician to bridge some wires when converted --- so the car will start

if hiring someone to do the job (installation and electrical work).....price can vary from $300 - $1000...depending on friend, business and percentage of the job performed.

hope this helps those out there planning to do this should be similar for other cars as well (i think)

u may want to consider changing/checking the rear crank shaft seal while u there
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just on a side note....u can ignore the $ that is in my local currency (BDS$).....u will have to check out prices on your own end:)