Charity meet temple street hospital.


Thursday 27th of OCT!!!!!

@8pm till late

The Plaza Hotel Tallaght underground carpark!!!(Just like last time =

This Chairty Event will be held in aid of temple streets childrens hospital, many people know the great work they do there but for those who don't or a curious as to where your euro is going or what temple street need heres an idea:
Mobile X-Ray Unit:
This unit allows the radiology department perform x-rays at a child's beside, thereby saving the kids the discomfort of being moved from their ward to the Radiology department. This unit costs €40,000 and has an expected lifespan of 7-10 years.

This piece of equipment examines children's hearing and costs €5,000. The expected lifespan is 5 years.

EEG Machine:
This machine monitors brain activity in vulnerable babies and young children. It allows the doctors monitor exactly what is happening in the baby and determine the appropriate treatment. This machine costs €50,000 and has an expected life span of 7 years.

Patient Monitor:
The patient monitor is widely used throughout all wards in the hospital. It monitors the vital statistics in a babies and child's body - ie: oxygen levels, blood gases etc. These machines cost €20,000 and have an expected life span of 5 years.

Dialysis Machine:
This machine is used to provide children on a waiting list for a kidney transplant the ability to lead a somewhat normal life. The machine costs €35,000 and has a lifespan of 5 years. (We need a minimum of 2 of these machines in 2007).

Operating Table:
This piece of equipment is specialised and used in our Theatres. The cost of this equipment is €50,000.

So whats happening??

Elite AutoClean( have kindly donated there time and will be doing a demonstration on how to perpare you car for the winter. will be judging a show and shine

Fancy Dress Competition!!!!!!!!!!


Prize list so far....
Gift Voucher
AutoGlym Car Cleaning Kit
Clarins skin care Hamper
Race Shirt(offroader)
A few Pieces from
Stickers from

any other donations are greatly accepted no matter how big or small.

and a Car Boot Sale(all cars must register before wed the 26th entry cost of 5 euro)

either add your name to the list or click attend and invite people on our facebook!/event.php?eid=210921288945457

if anyone wants anymore info feel free to pm myself or katie @B16Ash / Scrufftegra

or text us 0852883803/0851535985

look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

This is an intersite meet a couple friends over on dtdirl are organising it and i would like to get involved as its for a great cause.:) Please dont put your name down if you are not going to show up.