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Dear All,

After going through a shower of substandard posts, i think its a good idea to remind all members about the classified's rules.

Please before posting in the classified forum, kindly read the rules in the link below, it will help us to keep the classifieds cleaner, also help us (the forum staff) to go through & approve threads faster.

Also after an item is sold, kindly remember to lock your thread.


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Good call Kon, reiteration of how to advertise never hurts... As Kon says, there's been too many posts where people just dive in with their advert, and then wonder why it never gets approved.

Remember peeps, the reason the rules are here is to make life EASIER for us all... :)


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Indeed, it's in everyones interest (Moderators, sellers and buyers) to get it right in the first place.

From my perspective, please ensure you have pictures ready PRIOR to submitting any classified sales thread. A substancial amount of threads suggest they will upload pictures at a later date, this is not acceptable as per the rules.
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i can never know how to lock the thread after!lol..tutorial,lol

Either edit a post or post a reply in your thread, scroll down and click the close thread tick box before submitting:



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Bad posts are still as frequent as ever, pls everybody try to be more careful when posting, it solves a problem for us & makes it easier for all of you!!