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  • hi hybrid,
    it seems you know a lot about greddy ultimate. i ve a few questions, may be you could help me
    ive upgraded greddy blue to an ultimate one, using the harness for the blue.
    when the ultimate is plugged on, the unit stays on after removing the key.
    when putting back the blue, its ok.
    also, the ultimate is brand new, i did not mess with jumpers.
    the engine is a 4efe with turbo with a fifth injectors.
    Hi mate. It seems that for some reason my user is restricted and I cannot post in certain area's. I would like to put up some parts for sale and I have been on this forum for around 5 years so I don't see why I should not be allowed. Can u please address this issue.
    cant seem to get my launch control work on me ep82 starlet, im only getting 1 to 2psi of boost off the line. can you give me any directions on wat to do??
    hello looking 4 a ct9 highbrid turbo if anyone can help where i can get a good 1 from cheers. hope someone can help
    hello... i am looking to buy a hybrid ct9.... having trouble finding one... can u help?? thanks
    Hey Kon,

    Looking at possibly taking a holiday to Malta in the summer, something all Inclusive (Free drink food etc), a hotel thats got good entertainment, got good kids play area, hotel that aint to far from beach or main city centre (walking distance pref)...

    I dont know how this new system works so can you email me to julienlet@hotmail.com


    Can you recommend any hotels that are like this? Also clean and tidy etc?
    hi steve, have a look at our section (Zisco Performace) you will find a varaiety of manifolds which we make!

    hi guys to anybody who has problems locally, pls pm me & i will be able to help you out more! thanks

    Hi my friend
    Jien Michael min Malta ukoll
    Andi glanza insuqa il hillclimb u andi naqra truble fuq turbo ct9 hybrid li xtrajt min and sam
    Morning there, may be you can help me out, aim looking for a air filter relocation, to fit by the front fog light, as do not want to remove A/C, any suggestions please, John over in Malta
    Could you give me a price for a

    tdo4 external gated manifold,
    tial 38mm wastegate,
    And a downpipe, (would I need a down pipe for a front exit exhaust?)
    And a screamer pipe for the tial
    and also oil and water feed lines!

    Cheers bud


    My email address is whiteyjamie1989@aol.com, if you could email it to me, cheers
    thankies :) need more photos, got's to hurry up and get paid member so can have siggy and my cool Avi i made.
    Nice to see you to see you nice TBW
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