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  • sup biatch - just seen your message - hows you?? still as sexy as you were in my dreams at weekend??
    lol ive had a coffee so im rather hyper/insane - woop woop
    OMG you got to get to work on a push bike lol thats well crap aint it.. bless ya i feel your pain :)
    lol i i dont have my other car now either an i gotta be in work for around 7ish and busses to get there at that times dont really work! so ima have to cycle to work to get there on time, great fun hey! x x
    ah well done glad its sorted hope you sort fueling problems out lol well its a long arse story car clearly doesnt like me lol! =]
    Haha thats good to hear glad you've got there finaly! mines still off the road... problem after problem with this car, if its not fixed by end of the month think im gonna have to break it! just hurts too much havin to walk past it in the mornings knowing i cant drive it lol!

    im good though, ya self?
    hey baby girl what ya keep doin on here lol get on with ya work tutut missing ya loads ill get star on the rd soon dont u worry xxxxx
    lol sex on wheels eh?! lol
    they r like arses up here tho-everyones got one! :haha:
    coolio, least ur ok bout it! ;)
    nice one :p get me added then ;) x
    If i had some monies in my account for another car i would DEFO get a Integra type R DC2 or DC5 for sure in white mmmm sex on 4 wheels oh yes!
    im not sorry, he was a C***, his loss lol
    okies will do a bebo thing tonight hun :D
    Yeah thats how i keep changing! lol
    nice one, cant beat spendin the dollar on the car :)
    soory to hear bout u n the man :)
    get a bebo account! lol x
    Yeah, car heaven! haha :haha:
    Em its went from a Rx7to a GT4 turbo, to an M3 and now a Z4 lol al change ma mind when it comes to buyin one tho! :p
    Yeah, go to magaluf every year with the lads :) luv it! you goin anywhere?
    lol still miss it tbh! :(
    Nah, she was a total write off-floor and roof was kinked-was like a banana! lol
    yeah am gettin a new car when a come back from magaluf :) dunno what tho tbh. keep changin ma mind!
    yeah am all good now thanks ;)
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