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  • Hello Mate

    I would like to buy your cam belt kit for my ep91 N/A. How do I go about buying this from you?

    MAny thanks

    Thanks for the reply Iain.

    I have told him to position the maf as close to the inlet mani as possible. He has taken it to his local tuners and they have said they don't have any of the software to remap it and they can not find any that they could use. From what I can gather with info from yourself and from ukso is that it has been mapped and is do-able so it could be a case of him taking it to another tuners or getting them to pass the info on to his tuners on how to do it.

    Cheers for the help
    Hi Iain

    My cousin and I purchased an apexi power FC with maf (z32) a while back and never got round to mapping it to the GT. since then when have sold it on but the buyer has had trouble getting it mapped and couldn't find any allocated software. I have been pointed in your direction as a man that might know a thing or 2 about these or even know what's needed to map it.

    Any help is appreciated
    Hi im new to this forum. Im needing help with something and was wondering if you new anything about what pipeing to use on a ct9 turbo. im running a open stage 2 ct9 at the moment and dont no if there is any kind of way to get a air filter to fit or if there in a silicone hose i could use. cheers sam
    hey iain, how u doing, first time on since a got the wind deflector. car looks so much more symetrical now lol.. im really considering going td04 after talking to you about it. how much would you want, to do it all? including supplying everything, and what would i get? .. i remember u saying about u take trade ins for old turbos? .. i have the original ct9 on the car, aswell as the brand new one too..? my email address is daryn_rfc2@hotmail.com.

    Alright mucker,

    Was having a bit of a clear out the other day, and found the issue of Banzai with your car featured - I held onto it thinking you might want it?

    Hi m8 been told ur the man to see when it comes to starlets. I have my engine on a stand and im lookin to get the head off go get port & polished. only thing is am not confidend enough to tackle it my self as i've never done a cam belt plus with the cams & havin to lock the inlet one. A dont want to give it to any garage would rather someone do it that cares lol. do u know anyone or would u do it . would pay obv. Let me know plz. cheers dave.
    Hi Iain mate , got another update , the old faither has managed to score me a trailer and a van , confident I can get the car to you on saturday but not definite yet , i'll let you know for sure a.s.a.p mate hopefully tonight or tomorrow :) , also waiting on parts coming - got the battery - ordered the radiator and also Jperformance manifold , they should be delivered tomorrow :) i'll let you know how things are mate , cheers

    Craig :)
    Hi mate just after a quote on a fair bit of work i need done in a few months

    Fitting and mapped

    WEPR Full Tdo4 Hybrid kit Inc FMIC
    440cc Injectors
    Uprated Fuel Pump
    Emanage Ultimate Fitted and Mapped Could you quote me on labour and on mapping, thanks chris
    rite mate , i've got things lookin up here , I can get a van and a trailer , but depending on the next couple of days and how things go I cant promise that i can get the car to you THIS weekend , it would then most likely be the weekend after , i'll keep u posted though buddy , cheers -- Craig
    no problem at all mate , and yes the car is lowered 40mm all round buddy , i've bought the civic radiator mate it should be here mid week so i'll put everything in the car for you , i'll try and get the battery tomorrow as well as back to work for me and dingbro is only about 100yards away :) i began taking the induction tubes / hoses , battery , coil pack , radiator and intercooler off aswell mate , took the heatshield off and came across a crack in the manifold , the manifold is the original part though mate so was going to order one today from zisco , would like to know would you recommend a zisco manifold or is their a better alternative ? , cheers :)
    hi mate sorry to be a pain , just wondering how the uplift arrangements / searches are goin? , got some other stuff I'd like for you to do mate , if you fancy doin them anyway ? right buddy , need you to fit a new battery as this one is gone, ill get one from dingbro though through my work account so dont worry about orderin me one mate :) , would also like the air con taken out for relocated filter buddy, and gonna get a civic radiator for it to replace standard one so just to fit the new radiator mate please ? cheers mate , craig :)
    hey iain,

    i contacted u about 6month ago regarding the drivers side wind deflector u had, its just to see if ur still selling it, and how much posted? i live in glasgow.

    hey mate tried pm you but inbox is full. was about the brake setup you mentioned. sure pm me back.
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