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  • Alreeet!

    Aye i wouldnt mind holding onto it chief if you wish to part with it? Need to get it a proper cover tho at somepoint, infact get hubby out and we can have a reunion down Asda again lol!

    oh blimey, just cant trust anyone these days,

    still least you had something else to keep you busy,

    garage sounds awsome, i'd love to have one like that,

    my car isnt quite mint anymore, i built it up finally got it working reliably, and then decided with the girlfriend we'll put her mini back on the road, but what started as just needing a couple of things sorted resulted in a full on nut and bolt rebuild,

    so my car has kinda suffered the elements a bit, still cleans up nice, but does need a bit of time spent on it to bring it upto standard.
    It's always good to do something you enjoy and even better when you get paid for it mate!

    The site seems to swinging along nicely.
    Things are hectic Dave. As ever!

    Fleet status:
    Greystar - sitting in the corner under an inch of dust.
    Auto - rolling along nicely under an inch of dirt.
    55 - first maiden voyage to Belfast complete. Didn't even hit an iceberg!
    Beast - on axle stands, need exhaust and ball joints sorted then MOT.

    You keeping well buddy?
    yeah just click my members garage mate its in there. its probably not quite up to date but you should get the idea.

    yeah i know what you mean, i just didnt enjoy the teg as much as i did a starlet. there just such fun cars.
    i sold the white td05 beast 2 years ago and i bought the ep85 thats now got a forged 5e vf35 turbo ect should make some decent power!
    It looks like im getting enzo from uksc to import me a mint low miles gt there doesnt seem many decent ones here any more.

    i thought you still had it but noticed you hadnt posted in ages. what you been up too?

    have you had some problems with it then? always liked your one seemed like a good one.

    i had a teg but i sold it the other week. ive still got the ep85 with a 5e in it but not put it on the road yet, it wont be long now :D

    im looking for another gt as ive got a zisco td04l kit sitting doing nothing. i just cant seem to find a decent example, so many shitters about now. i want a nice clean example.

    Alrite bro, whats been happening with you? Way tooo long. Need to get a meet organised! You sold that Honda shite yet? :haha: xx
    sorry dave i forgot hugs and kisses mate hahah ... a forgot how to do it actually ... xoxoxox?
    Haha, I was sure I'd have some sort of 'You can't do that' message. Turns out I can lol.. :D
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