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  • hehe am watchn to see whos lookin at it usual shit views away up and no coments bugs me that. yea ahh i should sell this handy enough hopefuly let ur startlet buddys no anyways man ireland uk only 10 sec starlets turbo kit is for sale.:p
    hi paul, my m8 has sent the money too you, have also put the address where they need delivering too, just a little question about these injectors, are they fit and work or do i need anything else too make them work, cheers mick.
    hi, will send the 175 pounds via paypal on monday nite, for the sard injectors, but will be using my m8s account dan, as i have not verfied my paypal, cheers mick.
    Yea I distinctly remember seeing the TD05 6 speed beast for sale (probably around the time I last posted!) The new one sounds like an animal - well impressive! Do you have a build thread anywhere?

    Nothing too serious mate - it just gave me a tiny bit of hassle at exactly the wrong time! I ended up buying one of the new CTR's but it's just not the same - it's getting punted soon to make way for the Starlet :-D

    I didn't even know you had an ep85 :( - did you sell the white td05 beast in the end?

    I've been keeping an eye peeled for a nice one too, my mate hubbygt on here has been looking for one, but it's so hard to find something mint these days!

    Good luck with your hunting dude.

    Alright dude, I don't know about going well, but I've still got it :p

    It's not moved in about year and a half because it's in need of a few bits n pieces to get it back to it's mint former self! I'm in no rush to do it, so it's just sitting, waiting :)

    This time next year, or the year after, maybe :p

    What you been driving dude?

    hey pc18 was jus wondering how much would it be to have a manifold custom made just like the one you have on your project email me spricket16@hotmail.com
    hello i hav a 98 toyota glanza turbo.i am thinking of puting in a g6 gear box myself. is there much work and could you help me with fitting instructions if i get stuck please. will any g6 modal work or do i need certain modal. my email is aidankelly2000@yahoo.ie. if you could email me an answer i would be extremilly greatfull thanks
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