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  • Alright dude - to keep it out of that topic before we get a row lol...

    It's been parked up since last september, it's done maybe 2 miles in a year and a half! Just waiting till I've got the cash to get it back on the road properly. It's only in need of a new turbo - but I had it in a local garage for a new head (mine had a hairline crack where one of the manifold bolts meet the head).

    Long story cut short - the garage made an arse of it so I parked it up and bought an FN2 Type R to keep me busy :D

    I've got a new garage though (it's awesome - heaters and all sorts in it!) which I'm going to be using to do a lot of the work myself I think. Forged Hybrid/TD04 setup I think is in order :D If you want something done right do it yourself you know :)

    Hows yours been? Still as mint as I remember I bet!

    Hi mate. thechomper said you may know whether the rear pads on an ep91 are the same as a Sera. just wanting to know, cause i can hope halfrauds have a set as think mine are dead. only need them as a temporary measure, can put some better pads on when i get some ordered. cheers mate. phil.
    Hi mate, Dac69er sent me your way in regards to being able to source hand brake cables for an EP82 GT?

    If you could pm me if you can get hold of the 2 rear section would be much appriciated



    Just a quick thank you for keeping the shop open late on saturday for me...
    mucho appreciated for that one, will see ya agan soon no Doubt as need the rocker cover gasket and afew other parts soon to hehe i will PM you with parts list soon

    Nikky xx
    ricky can u pm me about that service package order. im ready with cash wen u r! thanks mate
    hi mate can you do me a price for a rad cap delivered please, will it fit as one from toyota was to small??
    I need ngk iridium heat range 8 how mhuc it cost me olso whit shipping to malta pls ?
    Hay, thanks for my Repp hun :D much appreciated
    and Finally people my think im not as stupid as first thought lol
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