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  • Hello Jay - not sure how to dm you on here yet - Darren sent me over your deets earlier. Need a few bits for my sons car if you have any. Cheers. Steve
    Hi Steve, just hover the pointer over my name and it should give you the option to 'start conversation'.

    If not let me know and I'll work it out.
    Hi Jay, I am looking for an indicator assembly front left hand side for my GT Advance please, would you have one in mint condition please including the rubber seal that goes around it ? How is the form anyway long time no see , cheers, Eoin.
    Jesus.. o_O
    My thoughts exactly! Is there a way I can send you a pm? I'm guessing I'm not allowed due to being a new member?
    Just checked, you should be able to? Try clicking on my name and select 'start conversation '
    I realy need your help..i want to kno what i would have to change if i am goin to change a 4efte to a 4efe engine..i blew my 4efte engine and now i cant get another
    Hey Jay, could you forward on the updated wiring PDF Mearcat made recently when you get the chance?Cheers buddy
    If you make whatever improvements you need I'm happy to assist dude. My email is jaysgarage@hotmail.co.uk so just fire it to me when you get a chance. Cheers!
    Did you end up getting the doc I sent you via email last week?
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    Hi Alan, I did indeed, just trying to work out how to upload it or host it. Will update asap man.
    Hi Jay, I'm just getting into calibrating a 4 wire TPS. Would you be able to offer me some guidance please?
    Hello Jay

    I used to be a member about 12 years ago and I seem to remember your avatar! Is this the same Jay as from 12 years ago?!
    I need some other items too so if you know where I can get parts that would be great thanks, Eoin.
    Hi Jay, I am looking for the top and bottom covers for my wiper and indicator stalks , if you know where I can get them I would be grateful ( 1995 GT Turbo EP-82) Cheers,
    hi, looking for a few parts for my mk1
    Looking for

    passenger side wind deflector(genuine Toyota)
    interior lamp cover(middle of roof)
    left vent in centre console
    steering cowl top and bottom

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