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  • check you ;) lol
    we got 3 interior designers in our office the now :)
    you must like college eh? haha!

    Yeah ad luv to go to OZ too.

    you likin the glanza then?
    Nice one :) u kiddin on your the boss now ;) that how your always skivin on here? ;)
    A work in Glasgow, am an architect technician-drawings for buildings n stuff.
    cool, ma mates back from a years travellin in OZ so spendin most of my wkend in the pub! :haha:
    yer pay the bills and put the car bk on the road (more importantly) lol
    Me, i work for a AV & IT Rental company in the Operations and Design room :D
    i run the show and design stuff lol
    weekend will mostly be playing with my car yay :D
    and you??
    haha, ur welcome! :p
    yeah least its summit to pay the bills! What is it you do?
    so you got any plans for the wkend?
    Seen its you al let you off! :haha:
    Yeah things are all good, bored at work right enough but least a got someone "pokin" me to keep me awake! :p
    Just had a look! looking swishhh! i'll update mine when i get my car back/spray it =D woop x
    Haha you funny mofo :)
    High 5 to us both for almost 3 months of no starlets! We will be back and better than ever *oh yes*
    tee hee
    Whoopp Tissshhhh :)
    x x
    LOL i had to drive my car down middlesex to get it sorted out i nearly did pee my self, WOOOP Tissss! lol won't be long now before im back in the drivers seat =D x
    Jan 29th was her last day on the road hun so 3 months :( i miss her sooo much, an i have to look at her all the time it's so depressing :( :( so cant wait to get her up and bk driving again, i will almost wet my self the day i take her out again lol PMSL lol
    x x
    Yeahhh am sure! :) I havn't had it on the road for about... 3months or so i think! gbox went, so did hg (i think) so getting that fixed now aswell as lowered, diff exhaust and a few other lil bits, how long havnt you had yours then?
    Bloody hell, well good luck with getting it back on the road :) hopefully mine will be soon too! :D its cool don't worry about it! !
    lol don't worry about it, i won't miss it! call it a welcoming gift =D Yeah likewise im having my headgasket and a few other bits sorted out as we speak lol! then when i get it back sanding/spraying !x
    ok im going to cancel the cheque hun, this is rediculas now..
    if you om me your paypal details i will transpher the cash into that from my friends account... (feel as if im talking the piss) :(
    yer hun trust me, my list gets bigger and bigger every time i lift the bonnet!!! my baby is still not fixed need a gasget now and dizzie cap :(
    Lol exactly like me except my list never gets shorter... only longer!! it still hasnt arrived but i dont mind waiting Nikky =D x
    lol iv got no heating in my glanza either, it broke ages a go lol
    never mind just another thing on my list of things to fix at the moment lol lol
    Okay thanks Nikky, will let you know when i get it! i don't walk to work but still pretty cold in the mornings, speshly if im in the starbo -> no heating haha! x
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