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  • hey dude You can put it up for sale, as much as i want it, moneys isnt great at the moment good luck with the sale :)
    lol how can it not like you, your being a div lol lol
    come on luvie pull ya self together =)
    hehe x x
    Come on hun dont give up on the car, i didnt mine was killing me just sitting there for all that time, but i didnt give up hope of driving her again... come on chin up yer (((hugs))).
    what exsactly is the prob with it..?
    good good glad to here you all ok hun :D
    im so bloody glad star is all fixed, well she kinda is, i got to get a new clutch soon, and quite a few other bits but she runs 10000 times better now than she ever did witch is nice.. she is eating fule though dunno why even on low boost :(

    x x
    hay hunni...
    oh she is running like a dream now, she is bk on full boost an every thing.. and the BOV sounds WELL loud now to tee hee
    hows you??
    x x
    Yeah definitely, you get used to the speed/power too quickly! :( What colour you spraying it again?
    Yup, running a hks fcd and fse fpr, and about 1Bar boost (sneaks up to 1.05 at times). And yeah, hell of a difference from normal boost! Pulls a fair bit harder, hit 60 in 2nd gear pretty damn quick but I can't launch in 1st for shit!!!

    I just drove to uni bout an hour ago, and in the wet even 2nd is completely useless! lol Spins like a whore. Its fun, but I already want 200+ bhp already haha
    So you're going to run 1Bar then eh?? Joining the big boys I see! Haha :p I already want more power! :( Feels slow again lol
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