Clutch Tutorial-How to Remove Gear Box and Clutch


Right, first off this is a brief description of the steps needed.

1) Jack the car up at suitable points.

2)Empty gearbox oil.

3)Unbolt lower arm from hub.

4)Pull driveshafts out from gearbox.

5)Unclip the gear selectors.

6)Unbolt clutch slave cylinder line from gearbox.

7)Unbolt clutch slave cylinder (2 x 12mm bolts).

8)Remove 5 main gearbox - engine bolts (17mm) and all smaller ones holding debris cover onto side of gearbox.

9)Remove starter motor (i do this to make removal and re-fitting of gearbox easier).

10)Remove front passanger side gearbox mount from chassis (2 x bolts) & rear gearbox mount from chassis (5 x bolts).

11)Place a jack under the gearbox, slide box sidewards away from engine and rest it on the jack as you lower it to the ground.

12)Lock flywheel up against the ground and unbolt the clutch from the flywheel.

13)Use an alignment tool to line up the new clutch disc with the cover, and bolt complete setup to the flywheel, then remove alignment tool.


Remove gear selectors.

Unbolt clutch line and remove sensor


Unbolt and tuck aside the slave cylinder (this way you wont have to bleed the clutch)


Drain gear box oil


IMPORTANT--Place stands or jack under gearbox--

Remove 2 x front passanger side gear box mount bolts.


Remove rear gear box mount (either take complete mount from chassis or pop the rubber mount out,i remove complete thing for ease of access)


Unbolt lower arm from hub on both sides.



Undo the inner CV boot clip on both sides (the clip nearest the gearbox)

And pull the drive shafts out of the gear box (Cover CV joints with bags to stop dirt,moisture getting in and damaging them)


Unbolt the starter motor & disconnect earthing line and sensor.Pull out of gearbox(i do this just to give me a bit more room when re-fitting gearbox)

Remove all gearbox bolts ( 5 x main ones and a few smaller ones)




Once youre sure the clutch line, all cables and wiring, and all the bolts are removed, jiggle the gearbox off sideways.Pulling the shaft out of the clutch.<br />

Abracadabra, alakazam! One gear box.


Back to the clutch, jam the flywheel up from moving with a bar and remove all the clutch cover bolts


Use an alignment tool to centralise the new clutch disc with the cover, and clamp them together.All tools are different depending on the brand so i didnt take a photo.

You want the clutch disc perfectly central, otherwise you'll never get the gearbox back on.


Look inside the gearbox and remove the old bearing from the shaft by pulling on the 2 pins, it should release the bearing.

Apply bearing grease to the shaft and slide the new bearing on, lock it in place with the clip.WIPE OF EXCESS GREASE!


Now re-fitting is just a reversal, get 2 people to lift the gearbox or use an engine hoist/normal jack underneath the gearbox to get it back up into position.

It may take a while to get the shaft back into position, sometimes they go in first time and sometimes they can take all day but bear with it.<br />

Also dont forget to re-fill the gearbox with the correct oil, depending on if you have LSD fitted or not.

Now go make a cuppa and admire the gripping power of a new clutch


This is compliments of (Craig)Glanza_Ragger & UKSC

Just to add there is a few small bolts at the bottom of the gearbox holding the metal cover in place,two 12's and two 10's i think.

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