Cool auction finds

As long as they are straight they should refurb well :) the top right looks to have had a knock
had i gotten them, my upgraded ecu plan would have failed, so glad i didnt, but in saying that, i do still want a good set. budget permitting when the starlet is finished i will hunt a good set down.


Track prepped Glanza on the auctions:







■TOYOTA STARLET EP82 TURBO CIRCUIT SPL■No documents ■Circuit driving event special. ■Engine 5E IN EX 272 equivalent camshaft ■Inner shim Combustion chamber squish processing ■Piston Forged 7.5mm side molybdenum shot ■H section connecting rod ■Metal head gasket ■Metal WPC + hyper moly shot ■Turbine GCG GT2554 New ■Stainless octopus foot One-off New ■ LSD■CPU Link G4X Monsoon New ■Fuel Pump Regulator SARD■Oil Cooler Intercooler ARC■Underbody Full Pillow Aragosta ■Front Brake Brembo Forged Caliper■Rear Brake for Vitz RS■Bonnet Door Left and Right F Fender Left and Right Rear Hatch FRP ■Rear Side Glass Rear Hatch Acrylic■ Bridded full bucket seat ■Gusset welded roll bar■Momo steering wheel■Defi tachometer■Aluminum wheel ADVAN■One-off muffler◆No running after engine assembly.Needs cleaning□Exterior fading and peeling. □We would like to confirm the actual car as much as possible (Chiba City or Oami Shirasato City) and bid with satisfaction, but □If you are unable to come or live far away, if you have any concerns, please use the question column. Please listen. ■Payment will be made only for the successful bid price. (By land transportation) □Priority is given to the actual vehicle.We are not responsible for any defects. (No guarantee) □ Pick-up is welcome. Oami Shirasato City, Chiba Prefecture or Chiba City □ We also deliver the vehicle. At 300 yen per 1km. . *Please be someone who can handle navigating smoothly, making payments, and making deliveries. please. please. Please make a bid after agreeing to the above. (Added October 11, 2023 18:06) ■Sorry! It was “EP91”! !