Does EP82 starlet have the same electric window motor as the GT Turbo?


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Hi everyone,

Can someone please let me know if the window motor of a GT turbo fits a regular starlet ep82 (1995)?

My window motor is making too much noise when I lower my window (front right door). The motor is broken.

The only motor available close to me is the GT turbo one.

Kindly let me know.

Thank you very much.


Yes exactly the same, moters from various other Toyotas will fit too, currently have a camry moter in my passenger side lol


Ep82 and ep80 3 door are interchangeable.

Only difference between them and the ep91 version is the plug connector so thats my go-to solution as they are a fresher unit. Just a case of swapping the connectors.

Not 100% on 5 door models as I don't really deal with them.