e11 1zz swap


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Hello I need help with some info before going all in on a swap.
Receiver car: 1999 4efe corolla e11 5spd manual
Donor car: 2000 celica VII gen, 1zz FACELIFT, 6spd manual - yes the prefacelift car has been fitted with post facelift engine :)

1. Will the 1zz bolt up to my e11 transmission? If it wont is the e11 3zz / 4zz transmission the only one that will work with this engine / chassis combo?
2. Will I need e11 3zz / 4zz engine mounts to fit the 1zz?
3. If I replace existing wiring harness and ecu with the 1zz harness and ecu will all the accessory wiring harness be plug and play?
4. Can you fit AC from 4efe to a 1zz?
5. Did I miss anything that would be of concern to me?

Thank you all in advance, I know that not all of the question match the 'DRIVETRAIN' forum but I thought not spamming with exact question is better.
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I thought starlet engine bay is a little different (smaller) to e11 bay?
According to info I found the 1zz swap would be easy if you already have a zz in your e11, in my case I need missing parts from e11 zz corolla to put the 1zz in the 4efe base chassis. The question is which of these I'm gonna need :D

Anyways thank you all :)