Ecu 89661-10040


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Hello everybody

Do you know that ecu 89661-10040 perfomance ?10022963_0_b.jpg if you know tell me what it is doing?

Thank you


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Hard to say without knowing what the control box is doing. With no box effecting fuel cut, from memory boost wise you are looking at 4.1v of 5v= 0.82 x 1.2 kgf/cmsqd = 0.984kgf/cmsqd = 13.99psi would say at little less timing than the later manual ecu.
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I've seen something like it before, the box had a knob on it, as for its purpose I have no idea bud :)


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This is the older style ecu that with stock boost does both auto and manual.
Looking more closely at the box photo I wish I had one of these it says SPEC:W , No: P255AW
In other words - Power 255 at the wheels.
( Which on a 4Efte would point towards ct26 airflow manual car with raised rev limit)
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