Ecu wiring harness diagram


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Hi, I'm working on the wiring harness of my ep91 with the this type of ecu part number : 89661 - 10180 & code number 211000 - 6570 I'm in need of a wiring diagram of it but I can't find one with the exact same code number

Is there a different in pinout if I use a wiring diagram with the same part number but different code number ?

Or are all the ecu's from a ep91 the same ?

Ps. I'm going to convert a gtt ep82 ecu with it



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I'm sure you've looked at the StreetLegal pinouts online..?
I just glanced over my copy but can't see the part number you've shared here.
I'm almost certain these units were pretty similar.
Let us know if you are still stuck.. :)