Emanage ultimate injector adaptor???

matt walters

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I have a emu revision c and it needs a injector adaptor or to know the values of the resistors that are in the unit it's self

If anyone has one please let me know ASAP

It's a small black box that plugs into the emu it's self


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Are you using low impedance injectors?

ruggiero06 said:
Resistor box information

Dzaster made a good DIY write up

good discussion about the above thread.

good DIY and write up

You may also need the injector adapter number 2 which prevents an excessively rich mixture when wiring the injector harness for adding and subtracting fuel. Im not sure which revision EMU's have the adapter No.2 built in, but apparently you'll need the external adapter if your EMU has a serial number below 4000.


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You best off sourcing the resistor pack from the car that the injectors came from. Which injectors are you using?


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So basically without this box you can remove fuel?/ and am I right to assume it's just a bunch of resistors matching impedance? Unit in question is a rev c uniy
i can't say what's in the box...but on the emu i've seen on ep82/91, all of them had the injector adaptor connected...even on a version E