Glanza seats


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Hello everyone

My Glanza seats are just not doing it for me lol so ŵhat others seats can I buy and put in there with no f**king about lol

Thanks got.boost :drive:

Danza V :D

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You will struggle tbf.. i got a set and i had to DESTROY the subframes and make new ones to fit them.. I looked everywhere.. :(


You will need to custom fit the rails.
I usually cut the feet off the standard rails and weld them onto the new rails

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EVO seats arent too bad to fit. i fitted mine by cutting the feet off my standard rails, And where they were riveted i drilled out and lined them up to the EVO rails. Took alot of measuring and time but they bolted straight in, and all the alignment feet etc are bang one as well.


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i have wrx seats in my car and it took know more then an hr to get them fitted i wasn't actualy there wen it was been done but the rails wer takin off my glanza seats i think they measured like lenght and width of the brackets and then welded onto the wrx seats should be the same for any seat realy