Guide for getting mains and highs working together on quadlight conversion.


I will now post how to use one regular switching solenoid to make a quadlight conversion function like the original face lift ep82 headlights.
Here is a typical switching solenoid wiring diagram.

To use this to operate the main beams when the high beams are switch on (all lights on), yet allow the high beams to turn off when the beams are dipped, you need to wire it the following way:
1. Connect the 12v positive from the battery (install an inline fuse holder) to the input indicated for the negative ground.
2. Connect the earth wire to the input indicated for constant 12v.
3. Splice into and connect the high beam (yellow/red) wire to the input indicated for the 12v switching
4. Splice a wire from the indicated output into the white/red wire for the low beam.

By wiring the solenoid this way you convert it to a negative switch output which is exactly what is needed to keep the main beams on when you turn on the highs, but turn the highs off when the lights are dipped.
Hopefully this will be made into a sticky for future reference by any who has done a conversion.
The best thing is, you only need one solenoid and to connect the output to one main beam wire and both headlights are affected since the harness is linked.