Help finishing proyect 5efe turbo


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Hello there ppl!
I have been working around a year in my dearly tercel im in the final step because i run out of money by now and want some advices about this because im not sure the best way to do it

My tercel is a 5efe
Forged internals iapel 400hp
Ceramic clutch
Turbo(unknown but is little)
396cc inyectors
Wideband aem
Original new kyb suspension
Water/methanol kit inyection
Cometic packing 1.5 shim

And my problem now is the stock ecu because dont let me go further than 4psi and my actual motor can handle 24 psi (could not buy apr bolts because of money to go for more psi but for now will be 24)

But my question is with a Safc2 configuration and a good setting in dyno will be enough to get my 24psi configuration and try to reach 240-260hp with all the stuff that the car have? Or what are de HP that you think i can reach ? Should step Safc2 and safe money for a standalone ecu and not push my car further the 4psi because Safc2 will not work?

Any suggestion or things i can be forgetting or should review pls let me know
Thanks everybody!


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You need a good stand alone ECU and use 36-1 or 60-2 crank pickup gear with good coil(s)
Get rid of the stock distributor, its 1930s technology lol. Use stock distributor TDC pickup for cam TDC for stand alone ECU.
What pistons are you using?
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A Terk!!! LOL well welcome aboard! I did not know any were still alive these days!

And first I will say ... don't even think about running 24 psi until you get the tune sorted first!!!! And until then the WI , when properly setup is fantastic but for maximum benefit of WI?? You would need to remove fuel and add timing to your tune! And right now now ... you don't have a "proper base tune!" And I'm gonna guess, you were not a long standing member of Tercelonline, back in the day?? Cuz if you were you'd not put a SAFC, anywhere near your motor!! There was a long trail of carnage ie, busted parts, blown motors, behind just about everyone that used that stuff!

Now that said ... the fact that you have it up and running is impressive, I must say! But the fact that it won't boost beyond 4 psi??? Has been most likely to your benefit! Take the SAFC, out and replace it with an E-Manage Blue which controls fuel, and add a raising rate fuel pressure regulator. Cuz,most likely your running out of fuel?? What was your AFR at 4 psi???

And yes a DIS setup is better all wrong but right now that is not your problem. Cuz it should run better that that, with a Distributor. And if you do, look for an E Blue?? You will also come across the E-Manage Ultimate! And that one is one step step below a full Standalone as the Ultimate will also let you control "Timing" and WI also I think??? And ... more timing under boost is good but to much ... not so much!!! A proper tune is everything! It's time to stop tweaking and start thinking! :)