HKB SPORTS BOSS KIT for ep91 facelift


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I've been trying to pinpoint which boss kit I should be using. Using search seems to yield no post.

Currently have a OT-48 which isn't the right one since the glanza has a clock type system. With a bit of searching the right option suppose to be the OT-202.

Seems to be this kit which notes it is for a starlet ep91 with airbag and warning light. Anybody using this one before I buy one and find out it is not compatible.


That wee double wire with the fuse is an airbag resistor, just plugs into the loom and switches the light off after its started :)
I had to put 1 in my Rep for the mot when I fitted the wee sparco wheel


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But does the horn work with this one? the other much cheaper kit that is currently on doesnt work with the clock like spring on the steering hub which makes the horn not function.

Seems the current kit with the golden ring is used for a contact point for the horn while a glanza uses a diffrent system and connects the horn via a wire and connector I guess. Haven't check the connectors etc myself yet.