Interior light Solutions


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Hi Guys,
I find the interior light in my GT pretty dull even after installing an led bulb.
I was wondering if anyone had fitted a basic magnetic led light or similar to their car. I was thinking to try something like this?

Universal USB Rechargeable LED Light Car Interior Led Trunk Cargo Area Light Wall Light Magnet for Vehicle RV Camping Bedroom Cabinet (WarmWhite/Blue/WarmLight)



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First off, Check the voltage with a tester. With the bulb in and turned on, and turned on with no bulb if thats possible. make sure its to spec for what the car is supposed to read. Secondly get a higher quality Bulb.
highest quality ones i know of are from

Thanks. I will check the link out. Strangely enough I found another led bulb I had spare which seems to be much better now.
Stop parking up in dimly lit car parks at night bro ;)
LOL... I have no choice man, especially living in my neck of the woods :rolleyes: