kyb gas-a-just


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trying to get new shocks,i have found for the rear but cant find anything about the front one & does anyone know if they available or know the part number cheers


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im sure those gas a just shocks are only availble for the rear. They are also not adjustable as the name would make you think they are.


Small Quaetion - Was gonna open a new thread but seems like this is already on topic.
Im uprading suspension - wonna go for standard shocks and Tein S tech lowering Springs - ""

Has anyone tried this before ?
As im reading into it - folk are saying its a bad idea to have them on stock shocks. Any1 knows why ?
Also not very clear regards to lowering height. 1.5 inches drop in Description but then states 57mm at the front & 50 mm at the back ?? 1.5 inch is about 38 mm drop - so which one is it ? Currently my car i think its 40 mm so 38 would be perfect but not 50 mm because that is too low.

kyb gas-a-just came up a lot in my research but they are more expensive than standard & as stated above - seems to be only for rear and no front.

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