Looking for lengths & ID of all hoses

Good day,

It has been a very helpful forum with awesome members with a lot of experiences and knowledge to ask questions.

I have gone out to measure some hoses but because of the age of the hoses I am not confident in my measurements. I would totally put a kit together for others and also try to see if a reusable gasket could be made for the oil pan/sump.

I have tried to ask a company that sells a kit for the 4EFTE about the third hose for the power steering. If they could add it to their kit.

But for now I searched on this forum and others to see if anyone listed the lengths and dimensions(ID, OD) of the various vacuum and fluid hoses for the 4EFTE.

Thanks to James for the Manual. And the YouTube channel Camp Dogs for some insights into this wonderful engine.

I am from Washington State in (not so united) States of America.

I am very happy to have a Starlet again. This is plenty of torque and power for a stock engine & what I hoped was in the 1982 Toyota Starlet I used to own.

I appreciate everyone here. Peace & love & respect.
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