MeisterR £429 Zeta Coilovers EPIC Clearance!!!


I am clearing out all the remaining stock of the D.C.S. Zeta Coilovers in this EPIC Clearance.
This offer is open for everyone, therefore please feel free to spread the words to other forums or your friends. ;)

Grab a bargain while stock last, all coilovers will only be £429 + P&P!!!

For more information on the D.C.S. Zeta Coilovers, please click on the picture below.

The following cars are available while stock last:

S13 - 200SX / 180SX / Silvia
S14 - 200SX / Silvia
BNR32 - R32 Skyline GTR
BCNR33 - R33 Skyline GTR
BNR34 - R34 Skyline GTR
Z32 - 300ZX
Z33 - 350Z

JZZ30 - Soarer
JZA80 - Supra
SXE10 - Altezza

GXE10 - IS200
GSE20 - IS250

NA6C/NB8C - Mk1/Mk2 MX5
FD3S - RX7
SE3P - RX8

CP9A - Lancer EVO 4 / 5 / 6
CT9A - Lancer EVO 7 / 8 / 9
CZ4A - Lancer EVO X

GC8 - Impreza WRX
GDB - Impreza WRX / STi (PCD 5x100, PCD 5x114.3)

ED/EE/EF - Civic / CRX (JDM Spec only)
EP3 - Civic Type-R
DC5 - Integra Type-R
AP1 - S2000

R53 - BMW Mini
A5 - Volkswagen Golf V GTi
RD - Hyundai Coupe Gen1/2​

How to Order:

Ordering is easy. Simply go to the MeisterR Website ( ), find the car you want, and click "Buy It Now".
This will take you to our secure webshop where you can place your order there with a Credit or Debit Card. Easy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

All Coilovers are brand new in the box and will come with a 30 days warranty.
All coilovers are in stock and will be send out by Next Day Delivery.

*Postage to UK Mainland is £15. Northern Ireland, Isle, and Highland is £25.


Will these fit my 98 impreza?
Yep, have these in stock and ready for delivery.

Impreza actually get alot for your money.
Because the Zeta was more design for hard usage, Macpherson Strut suspension comes with inverted dampers and pillowball top mount with camber adjustment.

This mean for a WRX, you will get front and rear inverted dampers, and front and rear pillowball top mount with camber adjustment.

I couldn't think of another brand on the market that comes with rear camber adjustable top mount.

I have a few set of these left, so feel free to let all your friends know because once they are gone, I won't get anymore. :(


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So whats the difference between these and your newer coilovers, very interested at that price :)


The Older Zeta coilovers are a little more "rough" in terms of their design and specification.

They are great coilovers, but no where as refined as the Zeta-S / Zeta-R range.
They have harder damping, shorter damper stroke travel, and their corrosion protection coating isn't as advance.

They also use thicker material and therefore weight a bit more.
The Civic for example, the Zeta-S is 25% lighter than the older Zeta.

We got alot of data from customers feedback using the Zeta to design the specification for the Zeta-S and Zeta-R.
So naturally the newer range are better in most area when compared to the Old Zeta range.

As for why Starlet isn't on the list, thats because we do not have any stock of the Starlet.
This is a clearance for the Old Zeta that are in stock, therefore this price are only while stock last for what is left from the Old Zeta Coilovers range.