MeisterR Coilovers improvement around the Nurburg Ring?


The latest episode from the Ring Banana is out… and talk about shocking (Pun intended).
We all know that tyres has one of the biggest influence on the performance of a car, as they are the only thing that touches the ground.

The Ring Banana set the base lap time of 9:21 around the Nurburg Ring, then knock 22 seconds off to 8:59 by changing out the 10 years old tyres to a set of semi-slick tyres.
The goal of getting a sub 9 minutes lap around the Nurburg Ring with the 90 hp Mazda Miata / MX-5 was shattered on the first try.

In an interests to find out how much difference will just the MeisterR coilovers make, they install the coilovers, do the alignment, and put the 10 years old road tyres back on for another go.

We expected maybe a 10 seconds improvement, but nothing prepare us for the 27 seconds improvement that the coilovers provided!
That is a 8.54 lap around the Green Hell with a set of 10 years old road tyres!!!

Shocking performance from the new shocks! :)

Full in car lap video can be found here:



Well, here is the finale: 90HP MX-5 + MeisterR Zeta-R Coilovers + Kumho V70A (185 R14)

Base Lap time: 9:21
Final Lap time: 8:39

That is right, the coilovers and tyres knock a WHOPPING 42 seconds off the lap time!

This 8:39 lap time tie the 90HP RingBanana MX-5 with a standard 240hp Honda S2000 driven by Horst von Saurma according to the Nurburgring lap time record…

Enjoy the video. :)