MeisterR in Collaboration with Nitron Racing Release the SRV Coilovers!


It is finally here…
MeisterR have been working together with Nitron Racing for over a year developing the SRV (Speed Reactive Valve) suspension and it is finally ready for release.

In case some of you do not know who Nitron Racing are, they are one of the top UK suspension manufacturer.
They provide high-end suspension for BMW CSL Cup Race Car, Aston Martin in Sepang 24hrs Championship, and Road Driven Lamborghini.

So what is the SRV (Speed Reactive Valve) Suspension?
By using high precision technology working together with Nitron, we are able to enhance the performance of the MeisterR Suspension.
The Heart of all dampers is the piston, the SRV use a MeisterR exclusive CNC machined piston design to exact tolerance.
The SRV are then hand build using the highest-grade suspension oil, resulting in the most consistent and refined damping characteristic.
What this mean is that you can have a suspension that are compliant over uneven road surfaces, with responsive steering on twisty roads, and comfort on long motorway journey.

Our ability to make the SRV complicated piston profile to exact tolerance mean you don't just get a suspension that are better at one thing and not so good at another.
What you get is a suspension that is better all around…Comfort and Performance, Uncompromised.

The Retail Price of the SRV suspension will range from £1250 to £1500 depending on Model and Specification.
If you have any interest, please feel free to contact me on