More Heater Issues


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So I had some heater issues with my GT last year (Air would only come out of top vents for face) which I ended up fixing.

While I had the dash out etc, I decided to re-core my heater matrix as my heat was never the best.

I built everything back up, bled the system as normal - around 4 times now - but I cannot for the life of me get my heaters red hot.
So far I have flushed the system again numerous times, replaced the thermostat and jacked the front of the car up, but still no luck....the heat is just luke warm.

Could an air lock be the cause of this or is there anything else I should look into? Car runs fine with no overheating issues etc. But this time of year in the UK, it would be nice to have some proper heat.

One mechanic said that my matrix may have been re-cored wrong, but I'm unsure how that would be possible?

Thanks for any info


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Do you have the correct temperature thermostat?
Where does the temperature needle indicate when the car is warmed up?


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I just have an blue print oem stat. Changed recently also.
Temp needle sits normal/slightly below half way.
Some of the FB starlet members said they had experienced similar issues running an Ali dual/triple core rad?