New 118i 1.6 turbo feedback


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Right guys,i had a run in one these today.

Its around 170bhp with 250nm of torque. Well the drive was nice,can feel enough torque when launching [ no mad launches,behaved a bit,was a test drive :p ].

The steering response was very good,being a rear wheel drive the front wheels were doing exactly what they should. With three adults in the car and AC on,i was amazed with the acceleration.And behold,its a garett powered engine.

With the different settings.comfort,eco and sport you can choose what type of response you want from the car. Tried throwing it off balance on a round about but traction was not lost [ slight tyre screeching ].

As for rear leg space,a 6 footer like me felt a bit cramped! But strictly two adults in the back seat. Maybe a child of 6-8 years old can fit in the middle.
Boot space is reasonable.

The car is bigger than the older generation. Its very obvious when comparing both cars side by side.

For a daily drive its fine and a few occasional spirited drive.

The price tag jumps a bit when you start adding the various never ending list of options!

Anyone with some reviews,please feel free to add some comments.


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Very nice cars mate, and very well built. Been in a 120d and even they shift abit. My cousin had a 125d hartige tuned( spelling ) and that was an absolute monster