PnP diagnostics

Mk1 gt tubby

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Hi, I'm currently running a mines ECU on a mk1 GT and I was just wondering if the diagnostics will still work if I bridge the terminals in the diagnostics port. Thought better to ask before I tried it. Thanks in advance


I honestly can't recall - near sure it's fine but there is a certain ECU that retains a fault code (relating to boost) no matter how many resets it gets.

Run it and see what comes up - you'll not do any harm.


Are all these PnP ECUs essentially just a daughter board on the original ECU boards ? I know they are heavier than the factory ECU 600/640 grams comes to mind

Mk1 gt tubby

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The ECU light isn't on but I'm Gunna reset the tps cause of low idle. Will bridging the terminals set the base timing at 700rpm like it would stock? I'm totally unsure.