Power Steering With Engine Swop??????


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I am currently doing a 4efte engine swop into a Toyota Conquest EP90 - Image attached.
I wanted to know whether or not I need to swop in the power steering rack or not as I do have it but hopefully do not need to use it


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I swapped out the power assisted rack in my EP82 for the UK EP80 rack. Kept the height adjustable JDM column though :p


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It's an interesting looking car, very cool I think. Nice set of chunky 5 spokes and lowered would look slicker that Slick Rick's dcik :)

As for the power steering swap, I wouldn't bother, it's just another complication to worry about when you don't need too :)

Plenty of information on here about 4efte swaps, Frankie flowers recently did it and has loads of information