Rear IRS


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This one has been bugging me for sometime now. Mid corner bump and the rear end wants to swap places with the front.

The inside wheel lifts and unsettles the rear nervously,lol! Now i have seen other cars with IRS, rolla ones pass by nicely and absorbing all bumps on the uneven roads.

On smooth tarmac its a different story, way better and you can three wheelie your way out.

I have seen someone done it recently on the Glanza,in UK.

Anyone here thinking of doing it? Or thought about it?
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Picture of that car appeared in a WhatsApp chat the other day lol. _shaun_ep91
I'm therealslimskiny on it :)


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Had a chat with Shaun, white glanza with IRS. Sound lad and waiting for his rear IRS kit to come out.:)