Resurrecting the MR2


About bloody time Dy, looks like you've your work cut out but keep the head up.

She will be worth all the effort - not many on the road these days!


Lying up since 2014. Its a rev5 turbo jap import.

Since taking a proper look I think it may have been in a front tip before and the really rusty shit is from the donor car that was used to replace it. Everything else is really grand including the sills so hopefully the road ahead won't be as bad a journey as it might have been!

Can't wait to get her back on the road. I can't really remember what it was like to drive.

Incidentally I just did a load of suspension work on my 911 and the mr2 is so nice to work on in comparison.
its looks like a decent project if you can regain the focus and put the work/funds in....and our projects always want more work, time and funds than we have, but we do it nonetheless :D