starlet clutch

hi all,

My N/A ep91 starlet is experiencing some issues. When putting the car into gear, there is a grinding noise. it happens in 1st, 2nd ,3rd. 4th and 5th are ok. when putting it into reverse there is also a grinding noise. I feels as if the clutch is not releasing. also the gears don't always grind, sometimes they are hard to get into gear.

Any help would be much appreciated to help resolve this issue.

Matthew Ruddock
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does the clutch pedal feel ok?

i would look at the slave and master cylinder first off. make sure you have no leaks and see if the slave cylinder is moving as it should. could be worth bleeding the system if you havnt already.

if that doesnt work, then it is most likely clutch/release bearing related.
It was the slave cylinder, it was leaking and there was no clutch oil hence why the clutch wasn't working so will have to get a new one. I just topped it up with fluid and bleed the system.


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they are cheap as chips and easy to get. i have a few kicking about as i always swap them out when i do a clutch due to the low cost.