Tdo5 16g what would I need?


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Hi guys I am interested in upgrading my tdo4 to a tdo5 16g. My engine is the 4efte all stock internals. Going to get a management system soon but I want to know what supporting mods would be needed and if this pairing (a 1.3L engine with a tdo5 16g) is even feasible. I'm looking to make anywhere from 250 to 300bhp.

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


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Anything over 240bhp on stock internals and over 14psi of boost is asking for trouble. The engine wont last long.


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You will need full stand alone ECU and a competent tuner. That turbo will be way laggy on stock ECU and break your engine.
You want a good flowing exhaust manifold.
Its all about keeping the EGTs low so that you do not get knock and break ringlands.
Bigger injectors and a better fuel pump.
You will get your goal of 250hp if your engine is in good condition and you use good oil. Big piston to bore clearance also contributes to broken ring lands.
I would also prefer to increase the oil pressure. Keep rev cut at 7500rpm for the sake of the conrods.


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Is there any reason you're sticking to 4e and not going with a 5e instead with a td05? Or even forging the 4e?


I found a TDo5 16G laggy as on my WRX, full 17psi of boost at 3800rpm. How does a little 1.3L even spool it?
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I found a TDo5 16G laggy as on my WRX, full 17psi of boost at 3800rpm. How does a little 1.3L even spool it?
This ^^^. :)

AFAIK a TD05 16 G, would be a "seriously laggy burden on a 1.3?? And yeah 300 hp on the top end sounds like a lot of "Fun" in a light weight car buttt, you don't drive a car on a "Dyno??" You drive in the real world and in the real work ... I tend to think it would suck?? Most likely it won't produce any boot until ... 4000 rpm?? It would suck in traffic and day in and day out it would tend to get old fast, I would imagine??

A better option in my opinion would be to keep what you have (turbo) and pursue this as step one.:

That is a "bolt on option" a larger hot side to flow more air and the same cold side ... so spool up "won't change!" And if you want "more" ... then a Stand Alone with "proper tuning" that would allow you to run more "ignition timing" on and off Boost, would give you more bang for the buck then slapping a bigger turbo on a tiny motor would?? Just a thought. :)
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