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This forum is strictly for technical discussions ONLY.

What belongs in this forum?

Any topics relating to:

  • Available programmable EMS options
  • Programmable EMS installation issues
  • Programmable EMS mapping and running issues
  • Programmable EMS related hints and tips

Topics do not have to be purely Starlet or Toyota related, all programmable EMS info can be considered useful info.

What doesn't belong in this forum?

Any issues or questions relating to:

  • Stock engine management system
  • PNP modified stock ECU's (Blitz, JAM, Mines, TOM's etc...)
  • MAP signal controllers
  • Fuel cut defenders

This forum IS NOT for posting reviews or experiences with specific tuners/tuning garages and as per the rules of the other technical forums no advertising of any kind will be permitted.

Any questions relating to the creation or direction of this forum should be posted here.
Not open for further replies.