This is Amazing...


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Thats the TMD Toyota Sprint Series winning car mate, shame its not still around, was an epic spec.


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Forged 4E built by Rob Barnard
Cruise turbo kit (Greddy TD05)
HKS Fcon mapped by AFR tuning
Wilwood Brakes
BC coilovers
Rays Gramlight 57C
Toyo R888
Whiteline anti roll bars


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Absolutley legendary, the kit car can jus' about hang around the corners, only gains on the straights. The sound fx are awesome from the kit car oh yes.

I love this Ep because it can actually go around corners and is setup very well, you can see there is hardly any roll on the chassis as it corners.

Most of the quick EP's i know of only go fast in a straight line, i think it shows the level of tuning that can be achieved if you apply the right method = balance + wide powerband and not jus' all out top end HP unless ofcourse if it's setup for drag, but this would be a very good all round performer for sure.