Ultra racing rear lower brace


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Thanks for the reply.
I just test fitted this bar to a friends car and it doesnt fit.

Rear brake lines and exhaust heat shield comes in the way,minor issues. But i couldnt find the mounting points either.

Though,looking at that pic on the ultra racing site,i think the floor pan will have to be drilled to fit this bar.


I'm really dissapointed with Ultra Racing products. The rear strut brace I bought for my EP91 doesn't fit, and I waited 6 months for it to arrive.


Yeah a bit of messing with the floorbar on ep91s.

Did you order direct from Malaysia Arnold ?


No mate. At the time there was only one UK dealer for UR parts and bought it through them (Automac). They didn't have any EP91 braces in stock and they were coming over from Malaysia by boat. The quality of the brace looks good, it just doesn't fit!