Wanted EP82 starlet GT :)


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Hello all, in the next few months i will be looking for a ep82. Preferably one that needs work but not a rust box.

Hopefully there are some good ones left :)



Oh really :( , I remember i paid £2500 for my first one haha
Yeah mine was 1800£ nearly 6 years ago lol
There was 2 last year over here 8.5 and 9k both white and I've seen them range from 6-12K the last year or so.
As you know yourself the most important thing to check for on a GT is rusty sills, mine is currently dancing with Mr Mig :)


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Blimey they have increased haha, ive been lucky over the years the ones ive had the sills was good just crap handbrakes haha, Hopefully find a rust free one :)